Introducing UNIQCS...

UNIQCS stands for safe, durable, innovative. You demand the highest in safety standards for your highway and airport personnel, we’re proud to bring the versatile blade system that delivers just that.

...Our patent pending Universal Quick Change Scraper system.

UNIQCS is our innovative clamp system that decreases plow vibration and prevents driver fatigue. Made of flexible and durable polyurethane, this technology installs with one person and no tools. Its universal design utilizes the existing bolt pattern to fit all plow types and offers safer, convenient handling through its sectioned design.

This is Cutting Edge Innovation.

Prevents Driver Fatigue

The UNIQCS system was engineered to decrease plow vibration, the leading cause in driver fatigue.

Easy Blade Exchange

The UNIQCS system's blades install with one person and no tools.

Universal Design

The UNIQCS system's universal design uses the existing bolt pattern to fit any plow type.

Safe & Convenient

The UNIQCS system offers safer, convenient handling through its sectioned-piece design.


The UNIQCS system is made of an optimal formula of polyurethene for performance and durability.

Proven Technology

The UNIQCS system is utilized on highways, roads and airfields around the world.


how it works

The UNIQCS patented clamp sets are bolted to the moldboard ONCE during the initial installation. When replacement of the polyurethane blade sections is required, they simply slide off the end of the UNIQCS clamp system with no tools required. The UNIQCS clip is then locked into the moldboard-mounted clamp to secure the cutting edge.


Bolt the UNIQCS clamp assembly to the moldboard base


Slide and position blades.

Lock and Done.

That's right... Done.

Safe. Durable. innovative.

The Benefits


  • Decreases Plow Vibration
  • Reduces Driver Fatigue
  • Safe and Convenient Handling Through Sectioned Design

Flexible and Durable

  • Rapid Changeover from Positive to Negative Blade Design for Changing Weather Conditions
  • Optimal Formula of Polyurethene for Performance and Durability
  • Universally Designed to fit All Plows


  • Newest in Blade Technology - Patent Pending
  • Utilizes Existing Bolt Pattern
  • Patented Clamp Technology
  • No Drilling or Welding
  • Installs with One Person, No Tools


You asked, we answered. If you have other questions, send us a message here.

Will UNIQCS fit our snowplows?

Absolutely. UNIQCS universal design matches bolt patterns to fit all plow types.

What is UNIQCS made of?

UNIQCS is made of an optimal formula of flexible and durable polyurethane for the highest performance in snow removal.

How is UNIQCS safer to handle?

UNIQCS two-foot long sectioned design allows for safer and convenient handling which reduces work-related injuries.

How easy is UNIQCS initial install or replacement?

UNIQCS blade sections can be installed or replaced by ONE PERSON without the need for tools.


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Evolution Edges will be prodiving a limited number of UNIQCS moldboard mounting systems for demonstration and evaluation for the 2016-17 snow season. If you would like to be considered to be part of this program please click 'Request Demo' to provide your contact information. An Evolution Edges representative will contact you to gather additional information about your specific snow removal equipment and consideration for the program.